Cult Corey Walsh BMX Frame - Black


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Cult Corey Walsh BMX Frame - Black

Corey Walsh's signature frame won't make you ride like Walsh, but at least you'll look like him. Corey needed a bigger frame, so Cult complied and whipped up this durable and beefy frame to capable of handling anything you can.


* made from 100% cult classic tubing for increased strength *
* top and down tube gussets *
* integrated headtube and externally machined mid BB shell *
* investment cast seatpost clamp and seatstay bridge *
* tapered seatstays with room for 2.40” tires *
* s-bend chainstays with removable brake mounts *
* investment cast heat-treated dropouts *

74.5° ht, 71° st, 13.8-14.1” cs, and 11.5” bb
9" standover

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