Abus Granite City 1010 Chain Lock

Abus Granite City 1010 Chain Lock


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Abus Granite City 1010 Chain Lock

Patented power cell technology offers advanced protection against hitting and pulling attacks. Power link technology locks the chain directly to the power cell. Strong, tried, and true.


110cm Length

  • 10mm hexagonal links, lock body and supporting elements are all made of high-quality, tempered hardened steel
  • Interlocked cover protects against brutal opening methods; X-Plus cylinders offer extremely high protection against picking
  • Protective fabric sleeve encases the entire chain to protect your bike's paint
  • Lock can be keyed with other Plus cylinder locks, offering convenience for users with multiple locks
  • Automatic keyhole cover protects against dirt and corrosion
  • Industry-leading corrosion resistance makes this lock incredibly durable
  • Includes an ABUS code card for ordering additional or replacement keys
  • Includes 2 keys, one with LED flashlight

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