Madera Bantam BMX Cranks

Madera Bantam BMX Cranks


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Madera Bantam BMX Cranks

Heat treated oversize 4130 chromoly crank arms-The STRONGEST Madera crank ever made! 22mm GDH CrMo axle with Black 8mm hex aluminum axle bolts. RH crank arm has boss for mounting chainwheel. Bantam Crankset includes LH & RH crank arms, 22mm GDH chromo axle, aluminum axle bolts/washers, chainwheel mounting bolt, and Column/Bantam Crank Tool.


165mm Left Arm: 300g/10.57 oz
165mm Right Arm: 310g/10.93 oz

170mm Left Arm: 310g/10.93 oz
170mm Right Arm: 320g/11.28 oz

Chromoly 6.0 Column/Bantam axle with bolts: 232g/8.12 oz
Titanium 6.0 Column/Bantam axle with bolts: 145g/5.07 oz