Madera Protocol BMX Cranks


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Madera Protocol BMX Cranks

The Protocol cranks are heat treated to increase the tensile strength of the crank arm. This  allows the Madera arm to be more rigid, creating a material memory that holds up better for street  application.


-Right and left hand crank arms have sprocket bosses.
-Protocol crankset includes crank arms, 19mm GDH heat-treated CrMo axle(6.00″), GDH crank bolts, flush washers, two sprocket bolts, and crank installation/removal tool. BOTTOM BRACKET SOLD SEPARATELY Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser.

Sizes: 175mm, 180mm
Colors: Chrome. Black Texture Powdercoat, Celestial Wrap
Crankset Weight (2 arms, axle, bolts, & washers):
175mm: 860g/30 oz

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