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Free Shipping on Orders $150+

Meseroll x FRKO Hand-Painted Bell Racket Helmet

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$5 - $5
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We originally commissioned this 1-of-1 hand-painted helmet from legendary artist FRKO to keep in the shop, but when our friend Rob Blacharski took a serious fall while riding, it seemed only natural we raffle off this helmet to help support his medical bills.

While riding his local trails, Rob crashed and sustained a traumatic brain injury. Luckily, Rob was wearing a helmet, which likely saved his life. He was airlifted to an intensive care unit, where he stayed for 21 days, 8 of which were in a medically induced coma. After his stint in the ICU, Rob was transferred to a TBI recovery facility, where he has continued his recovery.

The road to recovery is long and riddled with obstacles, but Rob’s making substantial progress. Still, he’ll need support from the community to pay for the uncovered medical debt and expenses from the accident.

The FRKO-painted helmet is designed to look like a New York Giants football helmet, with "NY" on one side and "Meseroll" on the other.

Each raffle entry costs $5 with no limit on entries. Winner will be contacted directly. Prizes will also be offered to second and third place runner-ups.

IF YOU'RW NOT INTERESTED THE HELMET, Donations can can be made via Go Fund ME