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2022 Fairdale Bikes Now In Stock

2022 Fairdale Bikes Now In Stock

There really is a Fairdale bike for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a low-maintenance single-speed road bike like the Express, a bulletproof 27.5" Taj or a geared commuter such as the Lookfar, we've got you covered.
Fairdale Weekender MX
The Fairdale Weekender Nomad MX's nine-syllable name might not roll off the tongue, but it will roll over pretty much anything else with style. We based this bike loosely on some of our employee's custom builds.
The MX features the Weekender’s geometry that is built around 27.5 x 2.0” tires, and also leaves plenty of space for compatibility with 700c wheels if you ever feel like changing it up.
Fairdale Taj Bicycle Bike

The Taj is a BMX-inspired cruiser that’s all about comfort and versatility. If you want to sit down and pedal this bike around town, it's happy to do it. Wanna ride a trail? It’s all-new 27.5 wheels and knobby Maxxis tires will provide all the traction you need. See a park or pump track that you want to play around on? Go for it!

Fairdale Ridgemont Bike Bicycle

The Ridgemont is a bit of an oddball bike that is both practical and enjoyable. When the bike path ends, the Ridgemont keeps going with 2.0" wide 27.5" tires and stable MX bars.

The laidback and rugged steel frame makes the bike both comfortable and strong. The hills are tamed by 8 easy-to-use gears that you pick with just one click of your thumb. Not a "normal" around town bike, nor a hardcore mountain bike, the Ridgemont is a bike that is simply fun to ride where ever you end up.

Fairdale Express Single Speed Bike Bicycle

Fairdale Express
The Express is a fast machine for urban riding, commuting and fun. Don’t overthink or over-complicate the bicycle, just hop on an Express and ride. Built to last! Available in a matte red colorway.

Fairdale Lookfar 8 Speed Bike Bicycle

Fairdale Lookfar
The Lookfar has 8 easy-to-use gears operated by one thumb shifter. Wide reliable tires are fast on the road and big enough to handle rough terrain. The Lookfar's durable steel frame shares geometry with the Weekender model, known for its all-day comfort. Make the "getting there" part of a journey the best part onboard a Lookfar.

Fairdale Nora V Lookfar Bike Bicycle

Fairdale x Nora V Lookfar
This special edition version of our Lookfar comes in Nora's signature Lavender color and is adorned with her hand-drawn artwork. The seat's art is a sublimated print taken directly from a one-of-a-kind griptape job that she made for one of her boards (note: the seat cover is not made of grip tape!). Enjoy some inspiration from Nora every time you take one of these Lookfars out for a cruise. It works great to cover a lot of ground while spot hunting too. 

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