Fly Magneto Rear BMX Hub


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Fly Magneto Rear BMX Hub

The Magneto Cassette hub features a magnetic system engage using the force of two magnets that allows the ratchet ring to engage. The magnetic field provides an even repelling force which makes the ratchet to work completely straight and are created in a way that reduces friction compared to the use of springs.The Neomidium magnets Fly uses maintain the magnetic field pretty much forever, as well. These properties creates the fastest, most reliable and durable system possible. Not to mention, a pretty unique and powerful noise...


Final hub feature 10mm. / 3/8" bolt on drive side with 14mm. OD section to fit the dropout.
Only works with dropouts 6mm. and thicker. For thinner dropouts, a 14mm. ID washer is required.
Female version not suitable for peg use on the drive side.

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