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Meseroll Represented Riders

Meseroll Represented Riders

For nearly six years, Meseroll Shop has been a community-focused bike shop dedicated to uplifting the BMX scene to new heights. Part of that commitment means providing new opportunities to the long list of local talent we interact with on a daily basis. We collect no fees from our riders because we know when they grow, we all grow.

Markus Hoyte

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Markus Hoyte is originally from Barbados but has lived in New York City for most of his life. Markus specializes in technical street riding, His versatile and dexterous bike handling skills makes him one of the city's most formidable riders.

Tenzin Nyandak

Ridgewood, Queens

Tenzin Nyandak, originally is from Tibet, is one of the most charismatic guys you'll ever meet. Always able to find the joy in BMX, Tenzin is a technical rider capable of ambitious trick combos.

Ralph Reyes

East New York, Brooklyn

Ralph Reyes was born and raised in Brooklyn. One of the most exciting upcoming riders in the city, Ralph represents the raw and uncut side of underground BMX. He rides fast and goes big.

Jorge Collazo

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Every time Jorge Collazo sets off for a ride, he bumps into someone he knows on the street. Jorge is a staple of New York City's BMX community. Originally from Puerto Rico, Jorge moved to New York at a young age and grew up riding throughout the five boroughs.