Federal Stance XL 20" BMX Rim


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Federal Stance XL 20" BMX Rim

The Federal Stance XL rim has a wider (40mm) cross section which is designed to help the tire maintain its correct profile. The triple box section combined with the wider profile makes the rim both stronger and stiffer than conventional rims and also helps to reduce the possibility of pinch flats. The wall thickness where the spokes are located has been increased by 22% to reduce the possibility of spokes pulling through the rim.


  • New contemporary design using  triple box section
  • Wider profile rim (40mm)
  • Lower profile shape (15mm)
  • Aluminium 6066 material
  • Increased wall thickness around spoke holes
  • Wider spoke layout makes it easier to build the rim and tighten the spokes
  • Includes new 35mm wide XL rim tape
  • Available in Matt Black, Clear Gold and Polished Silver
  • Width 40mm
  • Height 15mm
  • ERD 394mm
  • Material 6066-T6 Aluminium
  • Weight 18.5oz
  • Colour: Anodized Black

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